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Project Index

This list is a list of all my projects that I have recorded. All of these projects are either big enough to call a project or are completed and functional devices that fulfill their original design requirements. Some things I have or are currently working on are in experiments.

  1. 0001-Web Development - This is my oldest project and you are basically looking at it now.
  2. 0002-Small Code Projects -
  3. 0003-Programmable TLS Meter -
  4. 0004-Green 3x3x3 LED Cube -
  5. 0005-Prusa-Mendel i2 -
  6. 0006-SumoBot -
  7. 0007-Scorpion Rover -
  8. 0008-SPEX Cube Sat Keychain -
  9. 0009-SPEX Imagine Laser Comm -
  10. 0010-Anthony Plane -
  11. 0011-F330 Quad -
  12. 0012-Construct BFB -
  13. 0013-Tontec LCD Case -
  14. 0014-ARM Squared -
  15. 0015-ATX Power Supply -
  16. 0016-CD Welder -
  17. 0017-Handheld Mega Light -
  18. 0018-Launch Initiative Batery Monitor -
  19. 0019-3x3x3 RGB LED Cube -
  20. 0020-5x5x5 RGB LED Cube -
  21. 0021-Clear RGB LED Spotlight -
  22. 0022-6DOF Arm -
  23. 0023-Smart Node -
  24. 0024-Optical Plate -
  25. 0025-Lizard Control -
  26. 0026-Toughbook 12V Charger -
  27. 0027-Overnight Sensations Crossover -
  28. 0028-220uF Capacitor Bank -
  29. 0029-Pianobar Player -
  30. 0030-Brinkman Printer -
  31. 0031-CouchBot Controler -
  32. 0032-CNC Machine -
  33. 0033-Camera Gimble -
  34. 0034-LED Matrix Display -
  35. 0035-LED Xmass Tree with sound -
  36. 0036-Backlit Sign -
  37. 0037-Old Block -
  38. 0038-AM Radio -
  39. 0039-Tiny C CNC -
  40. 0040-NodeRed Smart Home -
  41. 0041-isMikeHere - This is a simple IOT project using an ESP8266, a button, and an RGB LED.
  42. 0042-E-Bike -
  43. 0043-linear Rail -
  44. 0044-Kelly Design -
  45. 0045-P.I.P.A.R -
  46. 0046-Construct Motor Clock -
  47. 0047-2017 RIT Grad Cap -
  48. 0048-Queen Bed Frame -
  49. 0049-AM 3D Printer -
  50. 0050-Workbench -
  51. 0051-Ocular LCD Driver -

Experiment Index

These are all of the experiments I have done that can have a write up. Some experiments I have done are not worth a write up. Others have turned into a full project. If an experiment turns into a full project it will be redirected to a project, given a number and removed from the experiments section if necessary.

There are many experiments. I am currently sorting through them and disposing of the junk.

Resource Index

This is a place where I can list all of the useful resources I have used in my projects.

3D Printing

How to Tutorials

These are tutorials that helped me get started. Some of them I have put together just for you!

PCB Fab Houses

These are all places where you can get good(ish) PCB designs made. I have personally tried them all and liked the results. My favorite rite now is PCB Way.

Component Stores

These are places where you can get parts for your electronics projects, electrical or mechanical.

Colleague Websites

These are people that I have worked with or do similar things.

Organization Websites

These are organizations that I have been a part.

Microcontrollers and SBC

These are really handy micro computers that will run simple code to do almost anything you want. Most if not all of these have tutorials out on the interwebs.

Useful Websites and Blogs

These are websites and blogs I found to be useful for general project ideas and help. More specific websites will be in the individual project pages.

Software Tools and CAD Programs

These are software and CAD packages I have come across and use on a semi regular basis for project work.

Electrical Design

Mechanical Design

Web Storage and Revisoning

Integrated Development Environment