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Project Overview

This project was created in a few hours one weekend to solve a very simple problem; to determine is Mike is here today!

A little background in who mike is... Mike is the lab manager of the Construct makerspace at RIT. Mike is a very busy guy and he does a lot to help out the students and the maker community! As such he is often not in the lab or even the building. This can cause a problem for anyone that is looking for Mike, and this is a lot of people. Why might you ask is this a problem? This is a problem because the Construct Is on the top floor of a building that is located on the edge of campus.

To fix the problem myself and a classmate decided to create a device that would simply state if mike was in the Construct and post the status on a website.

Parts Used

- DC-DC buck converter
- ESP8266 with breakout headers
- USB to serial converter
- Push button
- Laser cut box
- Power supply (wall wart)
- DC power jack
- Domain name
- Resistors
- protoboard

Tools Required

- Laser cutter
- Soldering iron
- Hot snot dispenser (glue gun)
- PC for reference material

Design Process

What design process, we don't need no stinking design process... No but really we kinda just winged it.

Final Design

the final Design includes an ESP8266 at the heart of the system. Attached to it is a button and an RGB LED. The board is powered by a wall wart and a buck converter. The whole thing sits inside a wood box cut on the laser cutter. The ESP8266 connects to the RIT network and the domain provider forwards the isMikeHere.today domain to the dynamic RIT address.

0041-ESP8266 RIT MAC.png

RIT Address and MAC

0041-Domain Config.png

Domain Config

Conclusion and Improvements

- The design worked the first time but many features can be added.
- NodeMCU could simplify the power system to just a USB wall wart.
- Project box could have been used instead of a laser cutter and plywood
- Mike doesn't always push the button when he comes/goes
- Annoying to reprogram once in the box
- possible Bluetooth tracking to detect if mike is present

Links and Mentions

- Thank you Andrew K for making the box
- Thanks Sam F for the Bluetooth tracking idea
- Constructs website  http://hack.rit.edu/
- The ismikehere website  http://ismikehere.today/
- GitHub code  https://github.com/wkomm1/0041-isMikeHere