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About Web Development

I have made, modified and tweaked many web pages and this wiki is probably the latest in the long list. It all started back in the early years of elementary school and high school with the famous HTML markup language. Computers were starting to become a common thing in most schools and homes and having just set up a new Earthlink modem and desktop PC my family joined the revolution we call the Internet! seeing all these web pages and online games, I was fascinated, as many people were back then. Before high school I had set up and made many crude HTML web pages and websites and even found a way to host some of them on a variety of free web hosting services. It was not until my freshman year of high school that I figured out how to host them on my own PC within my own network and have the whole world see. Throughout high school I learned more about web development and how to host a website and they came progressively better. I cannot say that they are the best things in the world but they are not bad compared to some others. I don't have many of the original files from back in the day but as I find them I will add them to this page for all to see.